Economic Strength, Production and employment
11/22/2019 - جمعه 1 آذر 1398

About the mayor

Mayor of the region|Morteza rahman zade
    Educational records:
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering

  • Master of Science in Environmental Engineering

  • Master of Science in Engineering, Health, and Environment HSE / MS

  • Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering

  • Member of the Board of Teachers of Tehran Municipality

  • Lecturer at Azad University Principles of Environmental Engineering


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About the municipality of region 13

About the municipality of the 13th district

The area 13 lies at the end of the eastern part of Tehran, from the north to the 4th, 8th and 7th (Damavand axis), from the west to the 12th district (17th of September), from the south to the 14th zone (the victorious axis), and from the east to the Horsehye and Sorkh highway The fence (the eastern part of Tehran) is limited.The area of the region is about 12.8 km2, and this area is about 9.3 km2 to the urban texture and the rest of the land, military, industry, etc. Also, the area of 13 with an area of 80 square kilometers includes the Sorkheh Hesar, All Sin (Ten Turkmen), the soils of Ziyutoun, Taraghian, Sanjorion, Khojyporparks of Sorkheh Hesar, Kheyrosaed Abad.

Prospects for Regional Development 13

1)   A region with Persian-Islamic identity and identity

2)  Regional knowledge base utilizes the knowledge and technology of day to guide development

3)   A lush, vibrant and vibrant region

4)   Regional safe and resilient to accidents 

5)   A region with a coherent, sustainable and suitable structure for living, activity and leisure         

6)   An area enjoying citizenship rights and fair enjoyment of urban welfare spaces

7)   An area with transatlantic performance in the field of economic and tourism in the eastern part of Tehran

8)   Regional environment with sustainable environment